PAPERMAG: 10 Badass Biker Babes Movies

When Roger Corman’s biker movie The Wild Angels was unleashed in theaters 1966 it made a killing at the box office, made a star out of Peter Fonda and spawned scores of similar exploitation movies… Read Full Article: PAPERMAG: 10 Badass Biker Babes Movies

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Defending Sonny’s Brand | The Aging Rebel

George Christie’s television show has problems. The other night  Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels was cablecast opposite Kurt Sutter’s The Bastard Executioner and its audience dwindled. It is now averaging about 915,000 viewers per airing. The show’s audience peaked with the second episode. Entertainment executives usually prefer that television shows build audiences rather lose them. On […]

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Mongols Beat Government Again | The Aging Rebel

After waiting for 42 days, Federal District Judge David O. Carter finally issued a dense dismissal yesterday of the Government’s most recent attempt to seize the Mongols Motorcycle Club’s name and patch – a case titled United States of America versus Mongols Nation. Because of its numerous civil citations, the decision may actually make criminal […]

3rd annual Motorcycle Film Festival Sept 23-27, 2015 | Biker Movies 411

The 3rd annual Motorcycle Film Festival runs Sept 23-27, 2015 in Littlefield, Brooklyn, NY Motorcycle Film Festival – Facebook Page: Motorcycle Film Festival – website: The selections for the 3rd Annual 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival are: MFF 2015 Short Narratives Making Common Sense, by Wyatt Seaverns My Mom’s Motorcycle, by Douglas Gautraud Northern Catalyst, […]

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Wild Wild West | The Aging Rebel

Sean Duffey, a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and Danny Macias, a member of the Poor Boys Motorcycle Club were killed in an exchange of gunfire outside a bar and a convenience store in Los Chavez, New Mexico shortly after midnight Sunday morning. Three other men were wounded in the gunfight. Police are withholding […]

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Barger Versus Christie Continues | The Aging Rebel

Ralph “Sonny” Barger is still annoyed by George Christie’s “reality” television The Outlaw Chronicles, or as Barger prefers to call it, The Out Bad Chronicles. Barger was an Angel before and during Christie’s tenure. Barger remains a member. Christie does not. There is obviously bad blood between the two men and while Christie uses the […]

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Broden Will Be Back | The Aging Rebel

For the last four months Waco has been muffled by an impenetrable fog. Like Brigadoon. Only this Brigadoon isn’t nice like the one in Scotland. It refuses to just disappear for a century at a time and, as The Associated Press put it the other day, Waco is a Brigadoon “perpetually recovering from its last […]