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Rebel on the Highway: A Biker Movie for Bikers, by Bikers

A lot of hype has been circulating on social media outlets lately concerning the soon-to-be-released movie, “Rebel on the Highway.” This independent film, unlike many before it, is unique in that there are no professional actors, no overt violence or sexuality and no big movie production company dictating the direction. “Rebel” is the dream child […]

Ride Loud – Ride Proud

BIC Productions, BIC Radio and UNiQ Cycle Sounds welcomes aboard our newest sponsor, Hog Hedz! Looking for some new kick ass biker music? Check out Hog Hedz and Pigshit Eddie NOW!

Ajay’s Montana Bananas Beef Jerky

    So I just got a nice sample box of this stuff from Ajay himself.  And all I can say is WOW.  I eat a lot of jerky, it’s in the blood, but this stuff stands out!  Not too greasy, good cuts, good seasoning!  Check them out today and give them some support!  By bikers […]