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  • CA’s Best Cigar Gifts: 2015 Buying GuideCigar Advisor Editors’ Picks: Best Cigar Gifts 2015 By the Cigar Advisor Staff Still searching for that just-right gift for your cigar-smoking pals? The Advisors are here to take the guesswork out of buying cigar gifts and have curated a series of selections that fit three very important criteria: Tasty as all hell Useful for… […]
  • 2015 CA Report: Best Value Bundle Cigars10 Best Value Bundle Cigars for Your Money Love Tasty Cigars? Then Don’t Dismiss These Bundles of Joy By Tommy Zman As I address you all from my cigar smoking bully pulpit, high atop stately Cigar Advisor Manor, I am here to tell you quite emphatically that it’s time for a change of attitude my… […]
  • 2015 CA Report: Top Rated Honduran CigarsCigar Advisor Report: The Top Rated Honduran Cigars by John Pullo   Honduran cigars…just by virtue of the name, we’re inclined to think of Baccarat. Punch. Camacho. Hoyo de Monterrey. Famous Honduran factories abound, including El Paraiso, Plasencia and Raices Cubanas, as well as those from back in the day (like Villazon) affiliated with HATSA,… […]
  • Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary Cigar Review: VideoRocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary Cigar Review: Cigar Advisor Review Panel The table is set, the torches are full and the cutters are sharp…and the Advisors have, once again, taken their places to smoke for the sake of quality assurance. Anniversaries are a big deal; and if you’re Rocky Patel, this year marks your 20th in the… […]
  • 2015 CA Report: The 5 Most Prominent Cigar FlavorsThe 5 Cigar Flavors Most Prominently Found in Your Smoke By Jonathan Detore   Becoming a cigar reviewer is pretty easy when you’re as judgmental as I am. Hell, being any reviewer seems like a walk in the park to me. “I rate this movie as okay” or “This wine tastes just like wine ought… […]
  • Are You Ready to Buy Cuban Cigars Legally?Are You Ready to Buy Cuban Cigars Legally? (Or, how close are we really to trading with Cuba?) Article by Gary Korb Cuba Photography by Hope Dooner   Introduction On October 9th, 2015 I attended a conference in Miami titled, “Preparing for Trade with Cuba,” sponsored by Datamyne, a leading provider of international trade intelligence,… […]
  • 2015 CA Report: Top Small Cigars for Winter SmokingSix Small Cigars for Winter Smoking Don’t sacrifice flavor just because it’s cold, and you’re short on smoking time. by John Pullo Well that escalated quickly…3 days ago, it was 70 degrees; this morning, I tore my garage apart looking for an ice scraper. Suffice it to say, then, that Fall has fallen off in… […]
  • Your Cigar Questions: Answered (Part VIII)We’ve Got Mail! Four more of our favorite fan cigar questions…answered. You are in search of the keys to better stogie satisfaction; we have heard you, and we want to answer your cigar questions. They’re all good asks – and while we hope we’ve helped the individuals who have picked our brain for this cigar advice, we also figured… […]
  • Epic Wrap Battle: Different Cigar Wrapper TypesA Guide to Different Types of Cigar Wrapper: It’s a Wrap Battle! By: Jonathan Detore One of the biggest kicks I get from smoking cigars is experimenting with different blends. Will this Nicaraguan filler go well with the Honduran binder and Maduro cigar wrapper like the manufacturer says? Or will I enjoy the Connecticut wrapped… […]
  • Master Blenders Series: Erik Espinosa of Espinosa CigarsA Cigar Advisor Podcast Interview with Erik Espinosa of Espinosa Cigars Erik Espinosa is one of the “young guns” of the cigar industry who’s worked in practically every facet of the business, from selling cigars behind a counter, right up to owning his own rolling factory in Nicaragua. For this podcast, CigarAdvisor.com executive editor, Gary Korb joins… […]

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