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More Tampa Television Newz

Tampa television news monkey and fledgling outlaw motorcycle gang expert Jarrod Holbrook did it again last night. Holbrook and the rest of the WFTS “ABC Action News I-Team” devoted two minutes and 41 seconds of air time, or about 13.5 percent of the noncommercial portion of the complete broadcast to a story about a “biker […]
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Stealing Outlaws Patches

The American Outlaws Association in the upper Midwest has been fighting a couple of  cases in which police have seized and kept the cutoff vests of club members. In a case in McHenry County, Illinois police seized five vests, including a woman’s vest, that bore the Outlaws’ insignia. The accused later agreed to forfeit the […]

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Tampa Bay Clown Show Continues

Jerry Theophilopoulos, the lawyer for a couple of Hillsborough County firefighters named Clint Walker and Robert Ramirez told “investigator” Jarrod Holbrook of television station WFTS yesterday that the men were filing complaints with the St. Petersburg Police Department, “the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa, and” the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. […]

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Tampa Area Outlaw Cleared

Police in St. Petersburg, Florida announced yesterday that charges against Clinton Walker have been dropped. Walker is a member of the St. Petersburg chapter of the American Outlaws Association and a firefighter with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. Since May 7, Walker had been charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer. Walker’s arrest coincided […]

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Outlaws Alarm Preacher

The war on Outlaws clubhouses continues – against all reason; this time because a good way to get your name in the paper is to present yourself as a crusader in the increasingly ridiculous war on  bikers. In Illinois, a crackpot Methodist minister named Leona Tichenor, who has been the pastor of the Ingalls Park […]

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Yager Takes Plea Deal

Randy “Mad” Yager, an American Outlaws Association patch holder accused of racketeering in a 1997 RICO case titled USA v. O’Neill et al., agreed to a plea and sentencing agreement in a 90 minute hearing on March 24. About an hour of the hearing was held in camera, off the record with observers barred. The […]

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Court Calls Cuts Contraband

The Second District Appellate Court of Illinois ruled Tuesday that three “Black in Color Leather Vests With Attached Outlaws Motorcycle Club Patches” were a kind of contraband called “derivative contraband” and could be seized by the state. The ruling affirmed a decision by lower court judge Sharon L. Prather. Her decision had been appealed by […]

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Outlaws Patch Case

The state of Illinois and the American Outlaws Association are locked into a bizarre dispute. The Outlaws say their patches are private property. The state contends they are contraband. Case law and the Constitution are on the Outlaws side but the case isn’t really about the rule of law. This case is about the state […]

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Evidence Against Randy Yager

Federal prosecutors may have some evidence problems in the racketeering trial of American Outlaws Association patch holder Randy Mark “Mad” Yager. Yager was indicted in June 1997 in a RICO case titled USA v. O’Neill et al. He avoided arrest because he was in Las Vegas when that indictment was unsealed. Yager left the country. […]

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The Outlaws Are Coming!

Two hundred forty years after the midnight ride of Paul Revere, the famously timid, pacific and law abiding people of New England have been called to alarm by Rhode Island police that the Outlaws are coming. Three members of the American Outlaws Association from Philadelphia, Thomas Severns, Andrew Forte and Andrew Niemiec were arrested Saturday […]

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