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Harley Bashing

A couple of major, online articles published this week predict that if Harley-Davidson doesn’t “catch up with what’s in demand” the “brand will get replaced” and warn that Harley stock may soon “go into an uncontrolled skid.” The articles were published Saturday by The Huffington Post and Monday by the multimedia investment advisor The Motley […]
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Harley Layoffs

Harley-Davidson announced yesterday that it will layoff 295 workers between now and Christmas. Two hundred twenty-five of them are salaried employees. Seventy are so-called contract employees. The company declined to say which Harley plants will be affected. In August, multiple news sources reported that the York, Pennsylvania plant will lose 117 jobs and about 35 […]
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New Harley Engine

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company premiered its new engine yesterday. It is called the “Milwaukee-Eight.” Harley trademarked the name “Milwaukee-Eight” in March 2015 so the engine has been in development since at least then. It is the biggest stock engine the company has ever sold and according to Harley promotional materials it is also the prettiest. […]

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Our EPA Strikes Again

Everybody who has been around American motorcycles long enough to have an opinion that counts knows what the Harley tax is. The Environmental Protection Agency thinks it means something else. The Harley tax is the price you have to pay to transform the brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle you bought into the bike you want to ride. […]

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Is Harley Still Toast

Harley-Davidson stock rose and fall on both sides of the long holiday weekend on rumors that the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer might be bought out by a investment firm named KKR and Company. The investment firm is also known as Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. KKR earns about nine billion dollars a year on revenues of about […]

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Where Have All The Sidecars Gone

There is a Presidential campaign going on and the result of that, in about ten months, will be an inaugural parade in Washington. The parade is always led by local motorcycle police. D.C. cops ride Harleys. Police in this country have been riding Harleys since 1908. The D.C. cops have been riding Harleys since 1917. […]

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Harley Recalls Exceed Sales

Harley-Davidson has sold 170,500 motorcycles and tricycles through the first nine months of 2015 and recalled 312,000 vehicles. Harley recalled 210,000 vehicles in 2014. Recalls averaged 94,000 vehicles annually for the decade that ended with 2013. Harley-Davidson sold 171,079 vehicles in the United States last year. That total was up from 143,391 vehicles in the […]

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