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Long Island Kerfuffle

Sometimes, the moral equivalent of war does not need pistols. Old acquaintances met and greeted each other about noon yesterday in the parking lot of the Pennysaver Amphitheater at Bald Hill in Farmingville, New York on Long Island. The Amphitheater was hosting the 19th annual Monster Mash Car Show. The meeting, as politicians say, was […]
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Yves Lavigne Yet Lives

There has been an Yves Lavigne sighting. Lavigne is the former reporter for the Toronto Globe and Mail who has found a way to eke out a living for the last 30 years as an outlaw biker expert. He has written four books about the Hells Angels and a fifth book called Death Dealers about […]

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George Christie’s Nasty Publicity Push

George Christie, the disgraced Hells Angel who has a book to sell, has been trying to win his argument with his former club by outshouting everybody. During his career in the Hells Angels, Christie beat a murder charge; he was accused of being part of a conspiracy to sell vast quantities of prescription medications to […]

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In early 1969, the Rolling Stones were almost as good as they were ever going to get. They had just released a highly successful album called Beggars Banquet. Before the end of the year they would record a haunting song called “Gimme Shelter” featuring a brilliant backup singer named Merry Clayton. The song would become […]

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A Reply To George Christie

Some of the people former Hells Angel George Christie has vilified recently, including writer Candy Chand and filmmaker Nick Mead, commented on an article about Christie published on this page yesterday. Not everybody reads the comments. In case you missed it, here is what Mead – in the photo above and who coined the term […]

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Thanks For Reading George

George Christie will never drown. No lifeguard could ever ignore his furious cries. He has a genius for getting attention. He has managed to get mentioned on this page twice so far this week. He is thisclose to being on TMZ. Probably in another month, when his memoir is published, he will be inescapable. Like […]

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Christie’s Honesty Questioned Again

George Christie, who has made a late life career of telling tales about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, has had his honesty questioned again. Last week the Ventura County Reporter, an alternative weekly newspaper with a circulation of about 35,000 in Christie’s hometown, published a letter titled “A Challenge to George Christie.” The letter read: […]

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Police Overtime Season To Peak

It is nearing the peak of overtime season for police in the northern hemisphere thanks to the world’s one percenter motorcycle clubs. The last couple of weeks, law enforcement’s biggest benefactor has been the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Last week members held a big national run in Ottawa, Canada. This week the club is partying […]

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Angels Make Headlines

This has been one of those weeks when the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club can’t stay out of the news. First there was the great biker brawl that wasn’t, as Newsday put it. Then there was the revelation that anybody who was ever married to somebody who joined the Angels is a security threat. Averted Brawl […]

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Gonzalez Re-Arraignment Today

Vago Ernesto Manuel “Romeo” Gonzalez will plead not guilty this afternoon when he is re-arraigned for the murder of Hells Angel San Jose charter president Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew during the Street Vibrations motorcycle rally in September 2011. After deliberating for about five hours, a five man, seven woman jury in Reno found Gonzalez guilty in […]

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