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Another Waco Bike Night

Nobody died last night when Harley-Davidson of Waco, which is just a couple of football fields short of a mile from the location previously known as the Twin Peaks restaurant, held an Open House Bike Night. The event was scheduled to start at six, continue until nine and featured “live music, food & cold beer!” […]
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Waco Evidence Dumps

A massive, possibly unprecedented, evidence dump is underway eighteen months after the Waco Twin Peaks biker brawl. Just as the best place to hide a needle is in a hay field, the best place to hide evidence of a criminal defendant’s innocence is in a so-called evidence or data dump of mostly irrelevant or legally […]
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Waco Day 537

Five more victims of the Great Twin Peaks Massacre Coverup filed suit Wednesday against former Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, Waco police detective Manuel Chavez, McLennan County, Texas District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna and John Doe, “an employee of the Texas Department of Public Safety that is” as of Wednesday “unnamed.” Twenty-two civil rights lawsuits […]
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Desperately Seeking John Doe

There have been two more federal lawsuits alleging false arrest filed against former Waco police chief Brent Stroman, Waco police detective Manuel Chavez and McLennan County, Texas District Attorney Abelino Reyna. The suits were filed Tuesday by Austin attorney Millie L. Thompson on behalf of Thomas Paul Landers and William Brent Redding. Both Landers and […]
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Johnson Kisses Reyna

Judge Matt Johnson, the 53-year-old former law partner of McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna perverted the course of justice again this morning, as he has repeatedly since the arrests and incarcerations of scores of witnesses after a bloody gunfight in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17, […]
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Waco Day 517

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna has been lying about the Twin Peaks biker brawl since it happened. This morning Dallas lawyer Clint Broden, who has been sparring with Reyna for the last 16 months entered a pleading, or less formally a statement of facts, into a motion hearing in Waco. Well at least some […]
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$850 Million Of Waco Love

There is a hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:30 in Waco. The point is to find out who is really indemnifying McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna for any potential judgments in the 15 federal civil rights lawsuits pending against him for false arrest – and, for that matter, another 155 potential federal lawsuits […]
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Waco Twin Peaks Gravy Train

Uncle Sugar is giving the city of Waco, Texas and McLennan County, which encompasses that moral cesspool on the Brazos, $517,468.72 to cover costs associated with accomplishing the Waco human rights atrocity. Although, the 72 cents seems to have been tacked onto the government gifts to imply that the whole, grizzly affair was accomplished by […]
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Following The Money

In the screenplay for the old movie about Watergate, All The President’s Men, a world weary whistle blower code named Deep Throat tells an eager, young reporter named Bob Woodward to “follow the money.” Of course, it never happened in real life. The line was an invention of screenwriter William Goldman. Nevertheless, the command to […]

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Waco Swat Skates

Three Waco Swat officers who fired their M-16 style rifles during the May 17, 2015 biker brawl at the Twin Peaks restaurant were “no billed” by a McLennan County grand jury this morning. Grand juries are peculiar to the United States. The purpose of a grand jury is to examine a prosecutor’s evidence against a […]

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